Error in cublasDtrsv with Upper Matrices in LU Algorithm Guys from Cuda check this error!!

I have problems trying to solve upper matrices with cublas function cublasDtrsv, for lower matrices it works fine, but with uppers it gives me the error CUBLAS_STATUS_INVALID_VALUE

I’m working in a LU Solver

my code:
cublasDtrsv(‘L’,’ ‘,‘U’, N, A_dev[0], N, x_dev[0], 1); //this line is working fine!
cublasDtrsv(‘U’,’ ‘,’ ', N, A_dev[0], N, x_dev[0], 1); //but this with ‘U’ for Upper, shows an error, IDKW?

cublasFillMode_t = (

I’m using CUDA 4.0.