Error in HW Decoding Video_Codec_SDK_8.1.24

Hi experts.

I am using HW decoder “AppDec” example from “video codec sdk” and using “buffer as input” instead of file input (like wise AppDecMem ).

My Input buffer is getting filed with shared buffer (our own code). This shared buffer will be receiving unicast/multicast data (mpegts.ts data , with multiple sps & pps).

But some time i am getting this error "Decode Error occurred for picture 9(frame number) "

How to solve this issue , can anyone point in right direction.
And this issue occurs uneven time or randomly.


Hi meRaza,

I’m assuming you are using the latest version of our Video Codec SDK. Could you provide some additional information:

  1. GPU being used
  2. Operating System
  3. Driver version
  4. Your use-case

Ryan Park