Error in installing Machinima 3.0

Hi there, when I try to update Machinima within the launcher, it gives me this message:

Error occurred during installation of Machinima Beta: invalid local file header signature: 0x0

Hope you can help! thanks

Hello @jamestabbush! Could you attach a copy of your launcher logs from here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher? It will hopefully have more information on the error that is occurring.

Hi @WendyGram , sure thing, here it is:
launcher.log (442.4 KB)

Thank you @jamestabbush! I looked through your logs and didn’t see where the issue might be. I sent it over to the dev team to help us out!

Hi there @WendyGram, any update on this? My projects are constantly crashing upon opening in Create, so it would be great to have an up to date Machinima to try them in.

If you are trying to install Machinima Beta through the launcher, try downloading the installation file directly from the Machinima website and installing it manually.

hi @vscoapk730 , sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve looked around and can’t see any direct link to download Machinima - perhaps you could help me out with a link if you have one? All I can find is links to download the Omniverse launcher.