Error in L298N PWM motor driver

Hi, I had used the L298N PWM Motor driver, I want to create basic motion with jetson nano. The version of the jetson nano is 4.5.0, I had overwritten the file and removed the default line. but it shows the error image is given below.

In the error image, it shows error in 22 lines but actually, the line is not present in
what to do reply as soon as possible.

am moving this topic to Jetson Nano series.

hello lohit.cs19,

please check NVIDIA Jetson Nano J41 Header Pinout - JetsonHacks,
you should also download and modify the pin mux as PWMs through pinmux spreadsheets; please also check Pinmux Changes session for reference,

I am from a Computer science background. Can you refer any videos?

hello lohit.cs19,

there’s no video to demonstrate the process, you should check developer guide for the steps.

Okay I will check

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