Error in Max to USD and USDA conversion

If I export the max file, the USD result is empty. If I export the same model as USDA, the result has the model parts but they are in wrong xyz location. See attachment
USD (1.1 MB)

@amir_tamadon - did you try to export to USD again? Sometimes the conversion fails and there’s an empty stage. Usually when I re-export, it works. For your USDA file issue - my first export had the objects spaced apart like you described. It looks like the problem lies in the file being modeled in millimeters. When I convert your 3DS Max stage to CM and re-exported, the proportions are accurate.

Thanks @dtyner for the UDSA tip. I tried re-exporting the USD a few times with no success.

NP @amir_tamadon - are you exporting to local disk or Nucleus server?

On Nucleus drive

For clarification - does that mean Omniverse Drive or Nucleus Server?

I meant Omni drive. Interesting fact, when I export from 3ds Max on any local folders (for example Desktop), the USD file exports successfully. If I export the same model to Omniverse Drive, the USD file gets saved empty.

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@amir_tamadon - understood. If you export to your localhost Nucleus Server then you should be able to access it from Omniverse Drive if needed. Omniverse Drive is a file tree representation of your Nucleus server.

You can only export usda to your local disk at the moment.

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