Error in pgcollect

I tried to analyse my openAcc fortran code with PGI pgprof. First I compiled the code by:

pgfortran -fast -Minfo=ccff -o code acc_lap2d.f90

However, when I wanted to collect data for profiling by:

pgcollect ./a.out

I received such error at the end:

target process has terminated, writing profile data
PGCOLLECT: Fatal Error: No samples: Out of range
and after opening the profiler by pgpfrof -exe ./a.out, there is no profiling data available for the code.

I was wondering to know what would be the problem and how I can fix it.

Thank you very much.


If the program does not run long enough, pgcollect fails to take
any samples during execution. I suggest you increase sizes of arrays and
loops until you start getting a decent number of samples.