Error in RMPLite Data Cable Pinout Information Listed for Carter 2.0

The TX and GND pins listed in row “A” of the RMPLite UART cable connections are incorrect. The correct information is found in row “A” of the table detailing the RMPLite data harness pins.

NVIDIA Carter — ISAAC 2021.1 documentation

Hi @patrick.benavidez ,

Thanks for the feedback and your interest in Carter v2!

I think that this might be a case of confusion about notation. These tables are for two separate cable harnesses, which are shown in the photo above this section in the documentation. The do connect to one another: connector “B” of the “RMPLite data harness” connects to connector “A” of the “RMPLite UART cable.” These are the pin numbers which should match, not the two “A” connectors. The numbers 1-4 correspond to the pin locations on the 4 position Molex SL connectors used.


Thanks for clearing that up. Had to take a different route anyway on the UART cable due to the lack of AGX Xavier anywhere for a reasonable price.