Error in running compiled samples (openGL involved)

I have a Tesla S1070 on a Ubuntu 8.04 64bit server. Hardware installed, tested with 185.18.14 driver. CUDA 2.2 toolkit and SDK.

Then I connect to the server from another Ubuntu 8.04 desktop using ssh -X option

All sample projects were compiled with no error.

Most samples run properly, except those ones involving graphicals. Say ‘Mandelbrot’

What I saw is like:
:~/NVIDIA_CUDA_SDK/bin/linux/release$ ./Mandelbrot
CUDA Mandelbrot & Julia Set
Initializing GLUT…
freeglut (./Mandelbrot): Unable to create direct context rendering for window ‘./Mandelbrot’
This may hurt performance.
Loading extensions: No error
Error: failed to get minimal extensions for demo
This sample requires:
OpenGL version 1.5

Anyone has idea on how to fix this? Is this error related my client desktop settings?

Thanks in advance :)