error infomation about problem

Hi Nvidia:
Run my program for about half an hour,it will be core dumped. and information:"nvbuf_utils:NvBufferMemMap function failed… Exiting…"will be printed.
The information printed is not added in my application program, I guess it printed by driver. My problem is which function will print this information when run failed?


Sounds that you are out of memory. Do you remember to use NvBufferMemUnMap?

Hi WayneWWW
Only I know which function caused, I can find the reason and solve the problem,so the first thing is to confirm which function caused. Is the information caused by function NvBufferMemMap? expected your reply, Thanks!

Even valid logic will fail if you ran out of memory. Is there a memory leak? If so, then the failing function won’t be at fault.


This function(NvBufferMemMap) only fails if memory mapping in low level driver is failed.