error install nvidiadrv

Tx 1 was loaded only into terminal mode, after installing nvidia and start commands, got into graphic autorization, but after entering the password, the system returns to the login screen, we go as a guest, but problems with screen output change, resolution changes, black screen, etc. d., the question is how to get back into the terminal mode, standard keyboard commands do not help, moreover, when you enter kontol alt f1-9, the system reboots

You would want to use a serial console. See:

A serial console has no dependence on video or most other drivers, and so it works in most cases where many other parts of the system are completely dead. Login will be to the admin user, e.g., user “ubuntu”. If login there works, run “sudo ls” just to see if sudo works. If not, then there would be a flash issue related to permissions. If this works, then you should be able to do almost any admin function.