Error installing BFB from host. Solution for known issue "ERROR: Failed to load BL2R firmware" doesn't work

I’m trying to install a BFB that I just built with Debian 12 (DOCA_2.6.0_BSP_4.6.0) using the latest BFB build environment into a BlueField-2 DPU and I encountered an issue. Before the installation, I disabled secure boot following the documentation on doing so.

The issue arises when installing. sudo bfb-install -b -r rshim0 fails, and the error “ERROR: Failed to load BL2R firmware” show up in the DPU console. I found out that this is a Known Issue (Ref 3600716). But following the workaround for the issue didn’t work, as the next install gave the same error.

I understand that BL2R is part of the secure boot process, which I disabled. I may be missing something. How can I proceed with debugging?

Hello @nicolaskribas,

Thank you for posting your query on our community. You mentioned that you disabled Secure Boot and still continued to see the issue.

In order to identify and resolve the issue, please note the following:

  1. Run the command: # echo “SW_RESET 1” > /dev/rshim0/misc and try to push the bfb again.
  2. Check the lifecycle state of the BF-2 card with the command: # sudo mlxbf-bootctl
    If it is “GA Secured”, a bfb image built with image type set to PROD should work and an image type set to DEV should work for a non-GA card.
  3. Ensure that the host is running a supported DPU Host OS as listed in the release notes below:
    Supported Platforms and Interoperability - NVIDIA Docs
    It is required to build your bfb on a supported host.

Hope this solves your issue.