Error installing conda env from python_samples

Not sure where to report this, but trying to set up a new conda env from python_samples according to the documentation from here:

It gives a version conflict on scipy==1.5.2, terminal error output from conda env create -f environment.yml is:

The conflict is caused by:
    The user requested scipy==1.5.2
    gym 0.17.3 depends on scipy
    tensorflow-gpu 2.3.0 depends on scipy==1.4.1

To fix this you could try to:
1. loosen the range of package versions you've specified
2. remove package versions to allow pip attempt to solve the dependency conflict

I can get it to work by removing the version constraint on scipy, but maybe environment.yml should be updated. Also add pip to environment.yml.

Ubuntu 18.04
Isaac Sim: isaac-sim-2020.2.2007

Hi, removing the version constraint is recommended for now. We will fix this in the next release.

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