Error installing TensorRT Cross-Compile for Linux

But I uninstalled everything anyway, to give it another try.
Still failing with the same problem.

Hi VickNV,
Just wondering, should I install Software 10.0 (rev 2) or DRIVE OS 5.2.6? The SDK manager automatically selected DRIVE OS 5.2.6 and it’s failing the installing on host, passed on flashing the AGX kit.
I just tried uninstall everything, install Software 10.0, then the installation passed, but can’t flash the AGX kit.
Try again OS 5.2.6, still failing the same.

Hopefully this gives you some useful information?

Please check NVIDIA DRIVE SDK | NVIDIA Developer to make the decision.
Let me know any questions or which one is appropriate to your purpose.

For DRIVE OS 5.2.6, you can also try flashing with the docker container.
Here are some documents:

Software 10.0 contains all we need, will install Software.
The issue now is the Software 10.0 could be installed but can NOT be flashed to AGX kit.

Reading notes from S/W 10:
“You must have DRIVE Software 9.0 (available below) or DRIVE OS 5.1.6 (from NVONLINE) flashed on your target DRIVE AGX System”
“you will be unable to downgrade to DRIVE OS or DRIVE Software 9.0, as these are only supported with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x86 host.”

As I am in Ubuntu 18.04, could you instruct how to flash an older build to the AGX kit ?

Got it.
Please help to create another topic for solving your problems from DRIVE Softare 10.0 installation.
Let’s address them there. Thanks.