Error installing Windows Vista 32-bit ,please help

i’ve just formatted my computer to vista ,and now i cant install my driver

everytime i install it gives me this error

i cant install it ,and now i cant watch anything or play anything

plz help me to install it

well, the message is clear: you are trying to install 32bit vista drivers. You have something else installed. So probably vista64. Install the 64bit vista drivers.

i’ve downloaded that 1 ,but nothing works T_T

help me plz?

I have the exact same problem but Im using vista 32 bit so when I try to install the one for the vista 32 bit it ddnt work too “It says program ddnt detect any compatible programs Setup Will Exit Now” External Image and yea I still need help like you do

How out data is your vista copy… Try updating vista that should solve your problem, if not reinstall vista but disable VISTA updates cause vista might be trying automatic update those drivers.