Error: "/lib/cpp: not found"


I get this error:

/lib/cpp: not found

while compiling FORTRAN codes under PGI Workstation 6.0 for Windows.

I have no idea what to do. I can’t find cpp command in the PGI installation to replace the /lib/cpp command.

Thanks for your ideas!



Hi Angel,

pgf90 has it’s own internal preprocessor and does not use cpp. Most likely your makefile is set-up to first run cpp and then compile the resulting source file. If this is the case, modify the makefile to have pgf90 compile the original source file directly. If the file suffix is .F, .F90, or .F95, then the preprocessor is envoked automatically. Otherwise, add the “-Mpreprocess” flag to the compile line.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Matt!

Your help is greatly appreciated!