Error logs from memcheck


I am wondering if it is possible to hide/encrypt the functions name whenever runtime errors hit. It is just about an Intellectual property purpose.


You can use a source code obfuscator of your choice, or devise your own. I assume you understand that security by obscurity is not much of an IP protection. None at all, really.

Thanks njuffa,

So there is no better way for IP protection?

A reasonably determined and skilled person with domain knowledge can reverse engineer software from a binary code image. There are very powerful tools available to assist in the mechanics of such an endeavor. Even a complete lack of symbol names is not a significant obstacle. This applies to CPU and GPU code.

Based on my experience, it is actually unlikely that software contains IP nobody else has thought of. Quasi-simultaneous independent discovery of new techniques is a thing.

But don’t take my word for it: wait for a better answer to come along here, or ask in other software related forums.