Error Messages when trying to add characters

After installing OM (and setting up Nucleus), I tried to add a character from the Sol collection and get repeated errors. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. See attached logs. kit_20210505_192305.log (175.5 KB)

@grovericky we’re sorry to hear about your issues with Machinima. I will have a dev take a look at your log trying to add a character from Sol collection.

@grovericky Have you had any luck adding other characters from the Squad or Bannerlord locations on the mount?

Can you also try to download specifically that asset folder and see if you are accessing the mount from your location?

Your log suggests that your cache believes it has the asset, but it infact is empty… so I’d like to see if your PC can actually access the mount properly. Thanks!

Hi @grovericky It looks like all the files are coming back as 0 bytes for some reason.

Could you try disabling cache? You can get to that from the Omniverse System Monitor (should also be running at http://localhost:3080/). That could help narrow down the problem. Could you also attach the cache logs from that same page? Click on the “Logs” tab, then select “Cache” and “Cache - Access” from the dropdown.

@grovericky we have logged a bug OM-31391 for this issue. Please try disabling local cache as Brian has mentioned. Thank you.

None of the Squad characters load (or any others). I’ve tried downloading the folder, but even then the characters give an error message. Moving on to disabling the cache. Results soon.

I’ve disabled local cache and downloaded logs (see attached). Crash on OM with cache disabled. Re-enabled program works, but still get error on attempting to add Squad character. Cache - Access.log (216.9 KB)

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@grovericky I shot you a message on linkedin, might be worth getting on a teams call and us taking a deeper look. Do you have a similar issue with Create 2021.1.1?

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Id like that very much. Monday-Friday 10am pacific are all good times for me.

Create gets the models and materials, but no animation. Frustrating…