Error : Module load error while porting Isaac SDK in Jetson Xavier AGX

I am facing the error shown below while I was trying to the run Isaac application.

I have written my own SDK and I have implemented the APIs of the SDK in the Isaac Wrapper package. It seems to build successfully ( which shows that all the includes are proper ).

The build files have been deployed successfully to the Xavier kit. I have verified that the build files related to the are included in the lib files.

If anyone has a solution or if anyone has faced the same issue kindly reach out!

Did you start with flashing the AGX Xavier with SDKmanager, selecting Jetpack 4.51 and checking all the options ? Then if you use the standard build and deploy with Isaac SDK 2021.1, there are no missing modules. So I’m guessing that a step was skipped during the initial flashing of the AGX Xavier.

Also you need to run the Isaac SDK script to install dependencies, both for the host and the AGX Xavier (there are different scripts for host PC and Jetson). Maybe you forgot the script for the Jetson.

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The script was the problem. Thank you for helping me identify it.

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