Error: No new messages from Trusty


I want to transfer message between two Trusted Applications by so-called Local Attestation Technology. When I get message back from TA to another TA through function get_msg(), trusty returns Error: No new messages, does it mean the received message is not changed compared with original one ?

The whole protocol is :

TA1 ----send msg----> TA2
TA1 (waiting) ; TA2 modify msg
TA1 ----get msg------> TA2
TA1 read msg and update msg
TA1 ----send msg----> TA2
TA1(waiting) ; TA2 modify msg
TA1 ----get msg------> TA2
TA1(Error: no new messages)

Thanks !

So yo can send message successfully in the first time and afterward it fails always?

That is what I am facing with.

TA2 needs to call send_msg to send msg back to TA1 before TA1 invokes get_msg. Please check this.

Thanks, but actually send_msg function is called by TA2. One possible reason of this problem in my case could be that TA1 asks for get_msg before TA2 send_msg because TA2 is executing a long-time function and the sleeping time for TA1 is too short.
I would like to check consumed time by TA2. Is there any built-in functions in Trusty to count time/clock running during the boot initialization ? (clock() and timespec seem not useful)

Just to make it clear, I let TA1 wait by nanosleep function during the execution of TA2, which may be informal. I did that to build Local Attestation between two TAs.

Thank you very much.

It seems like there’s no such APIs. Could you add a while loop in TA1 and do get_msg() for several times?

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Yes, it is a good idea and it does work in my case. Thanks !

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