[ERROR] Nucleus no longer adding mount

Hey, I think there might be an error on the new nucleus/omni version. When I try to mount the Isaac drive I get INVALID_PARAMETERS in the GUI while the log shows Mounts.cpp:createMount():47: Simultaneous resolver and redirection in mount is not supported

I noticed that Mounts.cpp has just been ported to omni.core, that might be the issue ;)

Hi, do you see this error on Nucleus on Omniverse Launcher? We have a fix for this and it will be included in the next Nucleus update on Launcher.

Yep, both on the app and on the browser.

Expected timeline? The mounted drive was so convenient

Hi @eliabntt94! Unfortunately I don’t have a timeframe for when the next update will be because it depends on several factors when it is in the development stage. I will post here if I get any new information.

Thanks for the update! Is it possible to download the previous version at least? I wasn’t able to find a place where to get it

Hi. The fix is included in the latest Nucleus . To update Nucleus on launcher, click the “bell” icon and select “Update”.

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