Error occured when switch iGPU ro dGPU

Error information is shown as the blow figure .Does this means flashing and upating Clara AGX Developer is needed?

Could you provide us a little more context on what the intended action was when this message appeared?

OK,Thanks for your reply!This message appeared when I switched iGPU to dGPU by running “sudo install dGPU” in the terminal.

Thanks for the info! Do you also know the Holopack version that is installed on the devkit, and when it was installed?

Do you mean Jetpack vision?I donot know the Holopack version and when it was installed. I have checked the firmware version.As the information shown in the document, there is no need to update my firmware.
Firmware-version.doc (330.5 KB)

So,shall we flash and update the Clara AGX Developer?

If the last time you flashed a Jetpack on the Clara Holoscan SDK, it might be good to flash the Holopack 1.x now. Please see Install Clara Holoscan Software :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation, the compatible stack evolved from JetPack 4.5.1, to JetPack 5.0 HP, to HoloPack 1.x (latest is HoloPack 1.2).