Error occurred during installation of Nucleus Workstation

Ubuntu 18.04
How can I solve this problem?

Error occurred during installation of Nucleus Workstation: Command failed: “/home/isaac/.local/share/ov/pkg/nucleus-workstation-2021.3.2/setup/nucleus-setup” -i
Unhandled exception. System.AggregateException: Not all processes in process tree could be terminated. (Operation not permitted)
—> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (1): Operation not permitted
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at System.Diagnostics.Process.Kill(Boolean entireProcessTree)
at OmniProcesses.Processes.StopProcess(String ProcessName)
at NucleusSetup.Program.UpdateComponentToml(String ComponentConfigDir)
at NucleusSetup.Program.UpdateComponentTomls()
at NucleusSetup.Program.Install()
at NucleusSetup.Program.Main(String args)

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Does a reinstall work? You could try doing the cleanup, reboot then a reinstall.

See: Cleanup-Tool — Omniverse Launcher documentation

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Hi @yushi.jack! I contacted the Nucleus development team about your problem. I will post back when I have more information!

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Thank you for your comment.
I have tried the cleanup tool several times, but I get the above error.

Please let us know if you have the latest Launcher version. To check the version, click the “user” icon at the top right of the Launcher and select “About”. It should be version 1.5.1.

If not, there should be a notification at the “Bell” icon next to the “user” icon for an update. To update, exit the Launcher using the “exit” button in the “user” icon menu. Then run the Omniverse Launcher using the Appimage file.