Error of runnning "CUDA-BLASTP1.0"

Hill all,

I have built the project CUDA-BLASTP1.0 successfully in Windows XP, but I encountered problems while debugging it. Such as:

Unhandled exception at 0x00455665 in CUDA-BLASTP.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0568aff2.

It ocurred in the following code:

CPU_DFAnextWords_uint2[groupCodeword][i] = ((uint2*)(currentBlock - MAXCURRENTWORD))[i];

located inthe method void wordLookupDFA_build(struct PSSMatrix PSSMatrix, int4 numCodes, int4 wordLength) in the source file CUDA-DFA.c.

Due to my observation, there must be something wrong with the variable currentBlock, which is related with the data I input.

In the project I downloaded, the author provides no test data but only one file named BLOSUM62. I don’t know clearly about the format of other data files.

Does someone run the project successfully? If so, would you please give me some test data such as ./data/query, ./data/nr_sorted.fasta… or some documents about the data format I should input?

Thank you very much!

My email: jireh_zhou [at] sina [dot] com

I too found that the error was changed when some modification was made to Command Arguments, and I do not know how to choose appropriate arguments corresponding to the input data.