Error of VPI on x86

I wanna do the algorithm on jetson finaly,but evaluate it on x86 first.

Run the code(tutorial_blur) on x86 ,got an error,without message ,I tracked each line,
the core occur in this is
vpiSubmitBoxFilter(stream, backendType, image, blurred, 5, 5, VPI_BOUNDARY_COND_ZERO);

what is wrong?



What kind of error do yo meet? Segmentation fault?

We do have a box filter sample located at /opt/nvidia/vpi/samples/tutorial_blur/.
Could you try if the sample can work correctly or not on your environment first?


I’m using this sample,I cannot get any error message,so I put some std::cout to trace each line。

main.cpp (7.7 KB)

what version of CUDA toolkit and gpu driver require by VPI ?

and got error while running convolution 2d sample:

VPI_ERROR_INTERNAL: (cudaStreamCreate:cudaErrorInsufficientDriver)


The error indicates the the CUDA version is incompatible.
Please noted that VPI requires a CUDA 10.2 environment.


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