[Error][omni.hyrdra] Skipping invalid mesh: Reason invalid index buffer expected 61520, got 135326

Loving Audio2Face software. I have used it in before however with my current mesh (which isnt retopologised] and is generated using photogrammetry, I am getting some strange error messages which I cannot decrypt. There are no holes nor loose vertices/edges/faces.

I manage to complete the mesh Fitting process and the post wrap process. I can also load the mesh in the audio2Face tab. Everything seems normal.

But when I press play I get this error message.

Could someone please provide some support with this error message:
2022-06-02 14:47:04 [Error] [omni.hydra] Skipping invalid mesh lowRes_005_result. Reason: invalid index buffer, expected 61520, got 135326

Build: 3970 tr ; 2080ti & 3090. 256gb ram.

Look forward to hearing from you.