[Error] [omni.isaac.core_nodes] CUDA error 801: cudaErrorNotSupported - operation not supported)

Hello, I’m trying to use isaac sim with visual slam solution.
I just installed isaac sim and test sample scene with visual slam package. But I couldn’t get correct image publish from simulated robots after loading sample scene and start playing. The image topic just contains black image. And other topics were published correctly. I tried running isaac sim on docker container, then I can see correct image publish from rviz. But, I couldn’t use in docker container because the simulation becomes too slow and image publish rate becomes below 3hz. So, I think it’s not a hardware problem. And I can see the error message from isaac sim like below.

[Error] [omni.isaac.core_nodes] CUDA error 801: cudaErrorNotSupported - operation not supported)

What’s the difference with docker container version and Is there fix for this problem.

My system configuration is as bellows.

OS : Ubuntu 22.04
GPU : 4 RTX 2080 Ti
Driver : 535.129.03
CUDA : 12.2

Hi @hyoungrock.kim - Can you please also confirm Isaac Sim version?

I’m using 2023.1.1 version