[Error] [omni.paint.system.ui.common.brush_base] [BrushBase] Brush begin stroke already!

When I try to use a custom brush in the Paint extension (of if I add an asset to existing brushes) and I try to brush I get the error:

if I press Flood, then a PaintTool is added to the stage but not the asset itself:

@danielle.sisserman for others to help with troubleshooting/attempting to repro, do you mind mentioning the OV app you are using and its version?

Isaac Sim 2023.1.0

to confirm, not hotfix 1.0, correct?

Question for you - how were you adding the custom brush into the Brush tool? i cannot seem to replicate to repro the exact error on my end, but there are some nuances with the tool that might have been the cause. if you could walk through step by step leading up to the error, that’d provide some useful context.

With the + button in the Paint window. I think the issue is cause because the assets are in the omniverse drive (localhost/asset…) and not local

for now, i’d like to rule out the issue being the brush source’s path since i’ve used assets from both localhost as well as local drive in the past (unless you can confirm that’s fixes the issue).

instead of clicking on the ‘+’, can you try dragging the asset (either from local drive or localhost) into the list and see if you are able to paint after?

on the surface, the error was indicating that the paint action is already activated when you were doing something else, so not exactly sure how to repro from my end without knowing a bit more.

In the link i share a video of the error. I create a new brush, the default cube asset works great. If i change that asset to any other asset (even an nvidia asset localhost/Nvidia/Assets…) I get the error.

here’s my repro using a NVIDIA asset (omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/ArchVis/Residential/Decor/Books/Book_01.usd) from localhost following exactly your steps:


the Paint version i am using is v105.9.2 for reference (from Isaac Sim version 2023.1.0)


granted, there are warnings but i cannot seem to repro the exact error message that you were getting. if you’re inclined, you could try uploading the Isaac Sim log for further eval:


Let me know if you are still having issues