Error on installation Error while installing CUDA on OS X

When trying to install CUDA on the following machine:

MacBook Pro 17" C2D 2.6GHz, Mac OS 10.5.2

I get the following error:

Where can I find a newer OS ? :thumbup:

Oh and as for which CUDA I was trying to install… I downloaded it yesterday, so it’s got to be brand spanking new…

Upgrading to 10.5.2 is a 2 steps process.

Install the Software Update to 10.5.2 and after the reboot, go through Software Update again to get the Leopard Graphics Update.

Ah, so it’s not the OS that’s too old, but the Graphics update that’s missing :)

(I havn’t installed the graphics update yet, since I’ve heard mixed reports about it, and want to stay on the safe side. Task due: next week sometime :P)

Thanks for the clarification. Maybe the error message need polishing ;)