Error on "nucleus-stack-ssl.yml"

Inside the file nucleus-stack-ssl.yml PUBLIC_URL is duplicated for the nucleus Authentication Service.

In line 280 we have the first key PUBLIC_URL: https://${SSL_INGRESS_HOST}:${SSL_INGRESS_PORT}/omni/auth/login/

However in the line 321 the same key is repeated
PUBLIC_URL: https://${SSL_INGRESS_HOST}:${SSL_INGRESS_PORT}/omni/auth/login/

YML cannot have 2 keys named the same within the same indentation.
This was messing with nucleus authentication.

Hi @Pappachuck_renan - This is a known issue and is fixed in the forthcoming release of the Nucleus Enterprise artifacts. (Release should be 2023.1.0 and be out very soon.)

Thanks for reporting!