error on SUA64 with -tp x64 option

$ pgcc -tp x64 -o fptest fptest.c
/tmp/pgccb5KdG-wdKne.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/pgccb5KdG-wdKne.s:128: Error: symbol `__orig_esp' is already defined

With any other -tp options assembling stage was successful.


Thank you for reporting to us. We have filed TPR# 15068 for this bug.



We have work around this problem perform the following tasks:

  1. load the $PGI/sua64/7.2/bin/sua64rc file into a text editor (you may have to adjust the pathname to whatever version of PGI you’re using).

  2. Locate the line that reads set MALIGN=-x 119 0x8000000;

  3. Change this line to set MALIGN=;

  4. Save the file and close the text editor.

  5. Retry the -tp x64 switch with a PGI (64-bit) compiler.


Thank you.
That resolved problem with -tp x64 on SUA64.