Error Report: "No devices were found" when executing nvidia-smi

I am writing to report an issue I have been encountering when attempting to execute the nvidia-smi command on my system. Upon running the command, I receive the following error message: “No devices were found”.

Below are the specifications of my system:

  • CUDA: 12.4
  • NVIDIA Driver: Version 550.54.15
  • Operating System: Rocky Linux 9.3
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia MSI RTX 4090

This error has been occurring consistently and is causing inconvenience in the development and execution of projects that rely on CUDA and the GPU.

I would like to request assistance in resolving this issue as soon as possible, as I am experiencing difficulties in proceeding with my development activities.

If you require any further information or details about my system, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your attention and support.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (115.4 KB)

I have the same problem. CudaToolkit and driver version is the same, OS distb is Ubuntu 22.02, and GPU is A100.