Error reported in nvosd plugin

Hi,My hardware platform is Jetson Xavier NX,Deepstream sdk version is the latest version 5.0.1.When my pipeline is running,nvosd plugin reports an error as shown below:
libnvosd (281):(ERROR) : nvll_osd_vic_draw_rects_without_alpha: Rectangle processing failed: ffffffff
ERROR from element nv-onscreendisplay: Unable to draw rectangles
Error details: plugins/gst-nvdsosd/gstnvdsosd.c(490): gst_nvds_osd_transform_ip (): /GstPipeline:media-pipeline/GstBin:composite_bin/GstNvDsOsd:nv-onscreendisplay
ERROR from element composite-nvmultistreamtiler: Internal data stream error.

This error will cause the pipeline to crash.And Kernel reports an warning as shown below:
kernel: [81336.561456] nvmap_alloc_handle: PID 9602: app: WARNING: All NvMap Allocations must have a tag to identify the subsystem allocating memory.Please pass the tag to the API call NvRmMemHanldeAllocAttr() or relevant.

Through my investigation,this crash is caused by other modules.But I don’t know the underlying cause of this crash,hope to help check it.

Hey, what’s your pipeline and have you modified the OSD plugin or other DS plugins?

Hello,The whole function of my pipeline is quite complicated. Let me give a brief introduction. The main function of my pipeline is to access the front-end H264 code stream, decode and generate nv12 image, then perform algorithm processing and OSD superposition, and then display it.In the source code of nvosd plugin,I only add a line of code in gst_nvds_osd_transform_ip function to force the number of batch input by the plug-in to be 1.The changes are shown in the picture below。

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Can you revert your change and see if the issue persist, I don’t think you can modify the batch size of the surface.

BTW, it’s better to repro your issue with a simple app and pipeline, so I can help debug locally.