error running mcnpx 2.6c with portability group 5.2: pgi_tra


I am trying to install the MCNPX binary executable with portability group 5.2 (v. 2.6c is compiled with 5.2, I am told). However, when I install the porability group 5.2, and run mcnpx, I get the following error message:
‘mcnpx: symbol lookup error: /opt/pgi/ undefined symbol: __pgi_trace’

Any pointer in fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated. I am running CENTOS v5.


Hi Hyper,

We added trace back support (where the pgi_trace symbol comes from) with the PGI 6.2 compilers so you should not get this error if all your components are from release 5.2. Can you please double check that you obtained the portability package for release 5.2? The link to this package can be found at the 5.2 archive download page.


Hello Matt,

Thank you for your reply. I realized what I did now. I encountered 'unknown glibc version (2.5)problem with portability package v. 5.2. The installation was not successful, so I installed portability package 7.0 and tried to run MCNPX. The installation of portability package v7.0 was successful, but I now I have the pgi_trace problem. I suppose, I should use portability package 5.2. In this case, how do I get rid of the ‘unknown glibc version (2.5)’ error?


Hi Hyper,

Since PGI release 5.2 is nearly three years old, it doesn’t support systems with glibc 2.5. Are you able to ask the person you obtained the binary from for an updated version of MCNPX or possibly generate a new binary from the source?

  • Mat