Error running the NGX ISR Sample from the SDK

I have the ISR sample built and running on a Windows 10 version 1803 with a 2080 Ti, NVidia driver version 417.22. When I run the sample, I get down to the part where it verifies that the ImageSuperResolution feature is supported, and it comes back as unsupported. I believe that I’m meeting all the requirements, but unsure why this is happening. What am I missing?

I figured out the issue. The nvngx_dlisr.dll file wasn’t automatically copied to the output folder. Once I added that DLL, it worked as expected.

Was this building and running the included sample apps?


Yes it was, under \NVIDIA NGX SDK\Samples.

The build is supposed to copy the files over, what version of Visual Studio are you using?

Visual Studio Professional 2017