error S0017/S0155

I’m attempting to use MUMPS for my solver and i seem to hit a snag to get the compiler to open the include file:

error S0017 : Unable to open include file: dmumps_struc.h
error S0155 : Derived type has not been declared - dmumps_struc
0 inform, 0 warnings, 2 severes, 0 fatal for mumps_solver

I’ve checked the project properties and made sure that the libraries are linked… would anyone please advise what I can do about this? Thanks!

Hi Ceeely,

This means that the compiler can’t open the “dmumps_struc.h” include file, most likely because it doesn’t know where to look for it.

It sounds like you’re using PVF? If so, in you project property pages, look for the “Fortran->General” tab, and enter the directory which contains the header file in the “Additional Include Directories” box.

If you are compiling from the command line, then add the flag “-I/path/to/include/directory”.

Hope this helps,

Hi Mat,

Yup, that works. I had to make it very detail path though. Thanks for the tip!