Error scanning directory 'omniverse://localhost/Isaac': Result.ERROR

Isaac SIM app when I click content - > Omniverse - > Local - > Isaac, this error occurs

I can’t delete this folder or upload files to this folder.

This is a bug. I need to upload assets to the ISAAC folder, but I can’t use the ISAAC folder

Hi, try deleting the folder via web UI at http://localhost:8080 while logging in using your admin account.
You should be able to upload the folder on Nucleus as an admin too.

  1. Log in to http://localhost:8080 as an admin
  2. Right click the “localhost” folder on the sidepane and click “New folder”
  3. Type in “Isaac”
  4. Go to the Isaac folder and click and drag the subfolders from the unpacked assets zip package.

I tried this method, and the error in the picture is reported
2021-11-15 12-04-05屏幕截图

Hi, are you able to create or delete any root folders on your localhost Nucleus?
Please check if you are logged in using an admin account.