[Error: Segmentation fault $python_exe "$@" $args], When i run the change parameter fixed_base

Hi all,
i want to perform my new RL task and the new RL task was modified from the example cartpole. I change the default parameter from [fixed_base = false ] to [fixed_base = true ] in the Cartpole.yaml , as a result ,the segmentation fault happend. And i test the problem in oher examples, such as Ant and Allegrohand, the same error occured.
however, i used to change the fixed_base parameter in former isaacgym version [ isaacgym_preview3] which was independent of isaac sim, and no error happend.

following is the error list:
override_usd_defaults: False
fixed_base: True // i change the default value
enable_self_collisions: False
enable_gyroscopic_forces: True
solver_position_iteration_count: 4
solver_velocity_iteration_count: 0
sleep_threshold: 0.005
stabilization_threshold: 0.001
density: -1
max_depenetration_velocity: 100.0
contact_offset: 0.02
rest_offset: 0.001

.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.1.0/python.sh: line 46: 20430 Segmentation fault pythonexe"@" $args
There was an error running python

Process finished with exit code 1

Appreciate it if you can give some hints.

Hi @CaptainMaoli ,

Thanks for reporting this. The fixed_base parameter in the config should only be used for rigid bodies, we will remove the setting for articulations to avoid confusion. For articulations, please modify the asset to include a fixed joint attached to the root body or it can also be done procedurally in code by iterating through each environment and adding a fixed joint that connects the root body with the world at the correct global transforms.

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