Error: symbol `.STATICS106' is already defined


I have just returned a previously fully functional routine to the GPU (previously the pragmas were commented out). I am now getting the following error message at compile time:

/tmp/pgf90LHtbVzdmAJ90.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/pgf90LHtbVzdmAJ90.s:379470: Error: symbol `.STATICS106' is already defined
make: *** [intega.o] Error 2

The only change since this routine was last used on the GPU is the addition of a second module to keep track of arrays that are now being kept on the GPU, suggesting that they are the culprit. However, even if the recently added module is commented out, the crash still occurs.

I have tried running minimal accelerated code, using new arrays with unique names and this also results in the same crash. This also happens if the new module is removed.



Update: I am now able to compile the code, the only change I have made is to reorder the subroutines!