Error through boot time

Hi, This is the error I’m getting since yesterday.

I don’t know why, I haven’t added or removed anything before this came.


Please also dump the serial console log. Do you always hit this even after reboot?


Can I get serial log just by connecting with my usb. I don’t have jumper wires to connect to gpio now

Are you using NX devkit as carrier board? If yes, there is a micro usb port on your devkit but it is actually a uart port.

This is the Xavier. It’s a kit…

Which side micro usb? The usb type c port in the front side or the back side along with Ethernet and hdmi port?

Maybe you could read the document first. The is took from developer kit spec.

Note that Xavier dev kits have a 40 pin header, and that if you look at that connector, the micro-USB is on the left, and the USB-C is on the right.

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