error to compile pgi


i have 32-bit and 64-bit PGI Workstation or PGI Server for Linux and i have a problem

message error:

[root@chiapas pgi]# pgf90 hola.f

NOTE: your evaluation license will expire in 14 days, 21.2 hours.
For a permanent license, please read the order acknowledgement
that you received. Connect to with
the username and password in the order acknowledgement.

Name: x
User: x
Email: x
Hostid: PGI=00123FE04D63CC0EA72179

/usr/bin/ld: no se puede abrir /crtbegin.o: No existe el fichero o el directorio

I need it to compile NCAR GRAPHICS


Hi chiap,

This error occurs when the compilers failed to install properly. Can you look over your install log or try re-running the installer noting any errors? Also, could you please post the output of “pgf90 -Msupport=install_test”?