Error Tx1 ISO

wouldn’t there be a way to start pinging this device or something? so you don’t have to buy hardware…

No. USB is not a network device, and if it is a power delivery issue, then delivering/substituting known good power is how to test. For USB this is done with an externally powered USB HUB. It isn’t a guarantee that this is the issue, but this tell you almost instantly, for a low cost, if power is the problem. Note that any kind of tool for testing power and data to that fine of a level would like cost far over $10,000 and require a lot of knowledge.

I understand… well in this case I believe it would be interesting to try to recover the graphics of this TX1, and be able to access it visually to see if it is being recognized by the network configurator… right?
Because the purchase of the aforementioned device would help, but it would take time to arrive.

Graphics are not required if you simply want to test networking. You can use serial console, text-only console, or ssh if you know the IP address (if you have admin access to your router, then logs there can tell you when there is a DHCP request, and the provided IP address). What access do you have now, and what specifically do you want to test?

I have ssh access in the TX1, and I would like to test the USB-Modem, if it’s possible to get the ip or configuration from the USB-Modem to try to connect or ping any internet website, could be the good test to know if it’s working.

What do you think about it? Will it works?

Using ssh for this is not technically a problem, but you might run into issues because when you enable one device it might disable the other. This is just from the concept that by default when a WiFi device becomes active then it tends to disable wired. This is not mandatory, it is just a default configuration. The definite answer is “maybe” :P

Also, it also depends on whether the IP address is public if you are actually going out over the internet and not working entirely on a private LAN. Routers with non-public addresses tend to also have some of the same functionality as a firewall. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to try. If you can connect via ssh, and then plug in your device without ssh going away, then you might as well try. I don’t know the specifics of your wired ethernet access in combination with what will happen if WiFi via USB cellular modem occurs.

when connecting the huawei usb (modem), the ssh access is maintained… so theoretically it is not disabling the wired internet, right?

Correct, or at least very likely correct. I say this because some existing connections might remain even if in other ways new connections fail. The trick to test is that after the Huawei USB modem is added, can you create a new ssh connection? If it can, then you are good to go (unless you make a configuration while working on it which disables the wired connection).

However, I do wish to emphasize that local LAN and talking to a router has no concept of “the Internet”. That’s up to the router you go through, but if your wired ethernet talks to the router, and if the router allows talking to the Internet, then it is equivalent. There is no guarantee that the router the WiFi talks to will allow outside Internet access. I think you are good to go with wired, but it gets tricky as devices go online or offline and change the network configuration, especially since a cellular modem uses a different router than the wired device.