Error using RoCE with ConnectX-5 Ex cards

I would like to know if someone can help me debug an error situation with 2 ConnectX-5 cards: I am using these cards to do a test using RDMA over en Ethernet network. When I run my server I have the following error: “ipcdat.c In ipcdat_update_cq_array, there are more cqs in this ctx than total_num_cqs”. someone knows what “cqs and ctx” is and how to fix it?

for configuration details, See attached file below.

Thanks for your help.

RoCE - ConnectX-5 Ex.txt (9.9 KB)

ipcdat.c - where is this file come from? It doesn’t look like a part of OFED as well as the ipcat_update_cq_array function. What are the libraries used by your application, are they all part of OFED?

CQs - most likely are completion queue elements

CTX - context. Most likely is the instance of that handles the packets inside the application.

This is looks more like a generic RDMA question, that need to be asked on linux-rdma mailing list.