Error using USB 3.1 Type A


I am using an USB-Network-Adapter to have a second Ethernet connection on Jetson AGX Xavier.

When I am connecting the network adapter (USB Type A to RJ45) with the USB-C/USB-A adapter (contained in the developer kit) everthing works fine (see fist image).

But actually I don´t want to use the USB-C/USB-A adapter. Therefore I plugged in the ethernet adapter directly into the USB-A port at the back of the Xavier. The device cannot be used now, dmesg shows the following error:

Does anyone have an advice how to fix this?

Thank you very much!

Not sure I can help, but does this work differently if the adapter is connected before boot versus attaching only after boot? What do you see for “lsusb -t” in the case of the working port via the adapter, and what does it show instead if you connect it to the other port?