Error when building ICON (CMAQ 5.0.2)

Hi all,

I am trying to build ICON for CMAQ 5.0.2. I am having the following error when running the ./bldit.icon file:

Makefile generated
/opt/share/pgi/linux86-64/13.4/bin/pgf90 -c -Mfixed -Mextend -O2 -I /home/reg/freg5027/data/Package_JAN13/WRFandCMAQ/CMAQ5.0.2/CMAQv5.0.2/lib/x86_64/pgi/ioapi/Linux3_x86_64pg -lioapi -I /home/reg/freg5027/data/Package_JAN13/WRFandCMAQ/CMAQ5.0.2/CMAQv5.0.2/lib/x86_64/pgi/x86_64/pgi/pario/ -I /home/reg/freg5027/data/Package_JAN13/WRFandCMAQ/CMAQ5.0.2/CMA
Qv5.0.2/lib/x86_64/pgi/x86_64/pgi/stenex/Linux3_x86_64pg -I. -DF90 -DSUBST_MODULES=NOOP_MODULES -DSUBST_DATA_COPY=NOOP_DATA_COPY -DSUBST_BARRIER=NOOP_BARRIER -DSUBST_SUBGRID_INDEX=NOOP_SUBGRID_INDEX -DSUBST_RXCMMN="/home/reg/freg5027/data/Package_JAN13/WRFandCMAQ/CMAQ5.0.2/CMAQv5.0.2/models/CCTM/MECHS/saprc07tb_ae6_aq/RXCM.EXT" -DSUBST_RXDATA="/home/reg/freg5027/data/Package_JAN13/WRFandCMAQ/CMAQ5.0.2/CMAQv5.0.2/models/CCTM/MECHS/saprc07tb_ae6_aq/RXDT.EXT" CGRID_SPCS.F
PGF90-S-0026-Unmatched quote (CGRID_SPCS.F: 133)
PGF90-S-0026-Unmatched quote (CGRID_SPCS.F: 134)
0 inform, 0 warnings, 2 severes, 0 fatal for cgrid_spcs_init
make: *** [CGRID_SPCS.o] error 2
ERROR while running make command

Line 133 and line 134 of the file CGRID_SPCS.F are:

#ifndef mech_ck_off
include SUBST_RXCMMN ! gas chemistry definitions and commons ( 133)
include SUBST_RXDATA ! gas chemistry data arrays (134)

I would appreciate it very much if you could give me some advice on how to solve the problem. If you need any further information please let me know.

Thank you in advance,

The difference between

include foo


#include foo

is that “include foo” inserts the code at compile time,
#include foo” inserts the source at preprocessor time.
If there are any preprocessor statements in the file foo,
they will not be handled properly with “include foo”

For example, the backslash “” will be handled
very different in each case.

Try switching to
and see what happens.

I also see about 4-5 problems fixed in ICON in the upcoming
18.4 Community Edition release, so there may be more involved
in fixing the build. Don’t set optimization or instrumentation switches until you get the code built with few if any switches.


Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

I did as you said and the problem is solved.

Thanks again.