Error when installing CUDA version 11.5.0 (RTXA5000)


I encounter an issue when installing CUDA on my machine with an RTXA5000.
Please find attached the different logs.
Tell me if I can provide further information.

Hope you can help me this problem. Thanks.

cuda-installer.log (572 Bytes)
nvidia-installer.log (38.3 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (134.3 KB)

There is a conflict with the nouveau module which is still being loaded. You already have a nouveau blacklist in the proper place. Follow the directions here to remove it, then retry your installation.

Thanks for your quick reply !

I did not follow this part before because lsmod | grep nouveau did not print anything.
Anyway, I tried to add the file and to regenerate the kernel, but the installation keep failing. Logs seem to be still the same.

(Note: I am on Ubuntu 20.04)