Error when loading recent image released on NGC Catalogue

I would like to use the latest image of NVIDIA NGC.
Unfortunately the version v2.0_py3:

Pulling docker image ... Using docker image sha256:eefcf17a78302ecaad83f405f0ff8f1d9709c5c379d1f82f76502687dd4aa9f0

Raise the following error:

`Archive:  /opt/ngccli/`
`  inflating: /opt/ngccli/ngc         `
` extracting: /opt/ngccli/ngc.md5     `
`/usr/local/bin/ eval: line 27: syntax error near unexpected token `then'`

Looks like a typo in shell script! Anyway rolling back to :

`Pulling docker image ...` `Using docker image sha256:5e2cce534d6ea72c2b22ba26fd2a7d78c2ce0beec293af55d3963eba09f9a283`

Work as expected. Would you mind fix the shell file and update the image in order to make it work. Thank you.