Error when reflashing Jetson Nano

Hi all,
I’m trying to reflash my reComputer J1020 with sdk manager following carefully this guide reComputer J1020 | A206 | Seeed Studio Wiki but it keeps failing when installing. Here is a screenshot of the terminal:

Do you have an idea of what I’m doing wrong? I am following the guide very carefully.

There is a “EXPORT LOGS” button on SDKM. Please use it to dump full log. (97.2 KB)
This is what I get.

Where do you run the sdkmanager tool? I mean the host environment.

I’m not sure I got your question but I’m using a host PC with Ubuntu 18.04

I mean is that a VM or something similar?

No I have physically another pc connected to the jetson with USB-C

Is “apt-get update” command on your host working fine? If any error there, then sdkm will have problem too.

Actually it’s not

Thanks for the patience I’m not a linux pro :)

Thanks a lot, that was the issue!

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