Error when run example NVDECINFER_DETECTION on the gui=1

I have downloaded DeepStrean 1.5 and compile all given examples. All examples are compiled fine in the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a P4 server but when I try to run the NVDECINFER_DETECTION example, it fails after reading the model’s description:

~/deepstream/samples/data/video ~/deepstream/samples/nvDecInfer_detection
[DEBUG][15:43:23] Device ID for display [0]: Tesla P4
[DEBUG][15:43:23] Device ID for inference [0]: Tesla P4
[DEBUG][15:43:23] Video channels: 4
[ERROR][15:43:23] Warning: No mean files.
[DEBUG][15:43:23] GUI enabled.
[DEBUG][15:43:23] Endless Loop: 0
[DEBUG][15:43:23] Device name: Tesla P4
[DEBUG][15:43:24] Use INT8 data type.
[DEBUG][15:43:28] =========== Network Parameters Begin ===========
[DEBUG][15:43:28] Network Input:
[DEBUG][15:43:28] 	>Batch	 :4
[DEBUG][15:43:28] 	>Channel :3
[DEBUG][15:43:28] 	>Height  :368
[DEBUG][15:43:28] 	>Width   :640
[DEBUG][15:43:28] Network Output [0]
[DEBUG][15:43:28] 	>Channel :4
[DEBUG][15:43:28] 	>Height  :23
[DEBUG][15:43:28] 	>Width   :40
[DEBUG][15:43:28] Network Output [1]
[DEBUG][15:43:28] 	>Channel :16
[DEBUG][15:43:28] 	>Height  :23
[DEBUG][15:43:28] 	>Width   :40
[DEBUG][15:43:28] =========== Network Parameters End   ===========
[ERROR][15:43:28] CUDA error 304 at line 210 in file presenterGL.cpp
./ line 43:  6027 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) ../bin/sample_detection -devID_display=${DISPLAY_GPU} -devID_infer=${INFER_GPU} -nChannels=${CHANNELS} -fileList=${FILE_LIST} -deployFile=${DEPLOY} -modelFile=${MODEL} -labelFile=${LABEL} -int8=1 -calibrationTableFile=${CALIBRATION} -tileWidth=${TILE_WIDTH} -tileHeight=${TILE_HEIGHT} -tilesInRow=${TILES_IN_ROW} -fullscreen=0 -gui=1 -endlessLoop=0

This error occurs when gui=1 is used, and there is no error when gui=0. The gui value can be change in the


Do you have a display connecting to P4 server?
If yes, could you try this command:

export DISPLAY=:0


I have a display connecting to P4 server. I try this command:

export DISPLAY=:0

The same error occurs when gui equals 1.

Will Nvdecinfer_detection call to the OpenGL? The OpenGL is disabled。



GUI is used for visualizing the results and requires OpenGL.
Please enable OpenGL or disable gui configuration.