error when running examples: The engine plan file is generated on an incompatible device


When running the examples for the Drive platform, some are working but several return the error:

The engine plan file is generated on an incompatible device, expecting compute 5.2got compute 6.1, please rebuild.

The error is the same for the precompiled samples and for self compiled ones.
Do you have any suggestions on how to solve that issue?


Dear hamann,

Could you please let me know what sample the error occurred and how you ran it? Thanks.

Dear Steve,

the error occures on several of the examples, eg. sample_lane_detection and sample_sign_classifier.
The error turns up when running the precompiled executables in /usr/local/driveworks/bin.
The same error occures when compiling the examples myself from the sources in usr/local/driveworks/samples.
Therefore I followed the steps from the How to set up video.

Installed is Drive Software 9.0 on ubuntu 16.04.

Dear hamann,
If you are running samples on host. You need minim PASCAL based GPU. Could you confirm this

I used a GTX 980, that seems to be the issue. Thank you for the help.