Error when running the sample programs

Dear All,

I am having 2 Nvidia Tesla K20 C in one of my workstation, when i run the nvidia-smi or device query it is giving the result. But when i run any of the sample programs that are present in the NVIDIA_CUDA-6.5_Samples/0_Simple, which are obtained after the installation of the CUDA tool kit is nor giving the output.

So then i re installed the CUDA tool kit but still no use, later i reinstalled the OS (Linux) also but still the same. Later i removed 1 card each time and still the issue is not solved. Can any one please look in to this.


You need to be more explicit as to what happens when you run any samples that are not deviceQuery or nvidia-smi that make you think that you are not getting the correct output. Post the error messages you get. Also, technically, this is the wrong forum. Your concern would be better addressed here: